Wiz Khalifa can turn over a feature in less than a day’s time — and he feels that any rapper who can’t only falls into one of two categories.

The Taylor Gang rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday (January 25) to share his thoughts about guest verses.

“The fact that I send my features back same day be having me lookin at these artists crazy,” Wiz wrote. “It does take a min to write a rap sometimes especially if your [sic] focusing on what your sayin or u just suck.”

Check out Wiz’s tweets below:



Wiz has certainly earned the right to talk that talk, putting out a huge amount of music in 2022 alone. In addition to ending the year with one-off track “Never Drinking Again” and previewing a forthcoming Hitmaka-produced collab with Harlem rapper Neek Bucks, the Pittsburgh native also released three full projects.

Along with his seventh studio album Multiverse in July, Wiz Khalifa released Full Court Press with Big K.R.I.T. and Girl Talk in April and Stoner’s Night with frequent collaborator Curren$y in 2022 as well.


The famed stoner also made a major business move, entering into the rapidly-growing shrooms industry with a new psilocybin and mushroom wellness brand. Dubbed Mistercap, the brand is a partnership between Wiz and Canadian company Red Light Holland to launch non-psychedelic mushroom kits in the United States, Europe and Canada.

“Launching Mistercap Magic Truffles in the Netherlands and creating other Mistercap natural mushroom products and Home Grow kits is gonna be dope,” Wiz said of the endeavor. “We are building something special and are excited to grow with the industry.”

And in the spring, Wiz will return to the silver screen for the first time in over a decade, portraying Parliament-Funkadelic’s George Clinton in the forthcoming film Spinning Gold.

Set to hit theaters in March 2023, Spinning Gold documents the rise of Casablanca Records in the 1970s – which was home to Parliament as well as Donna Summer, Gladys Knight, the Isley Brothers and more.