Rick Ross has set up a new rule when it comes to showing off at the club after he witnessed a man pull up to a party on horseback earlier this week.

The Biggest Bawse was on his way to a club party when he noticed a man in a cowboy hat and matching attire riding to the same spot on his horse. Ross wasted no time pulling his phone out to capture the moment and let fans know he was seeing some next-level flexing.

“You ain’t ballin’, you ain’t ballin’, you ain’t said nothing to Rozay till you come to the club on a horse,” Ross said before finding out the horse’s name is Soul. “Her name is Soul, she’s a Rolls-Royce on a roll.”

Check out Rick Ross’ video with his new friend Soul below:


The Maybach Music Group boss knows a thing or two about ballin’. In December, Rozay had a custom table made from a Boeing 757 airplane engine. He shared the news via a video on his Instagram page.

“Yo, you my family! I wanted you to see this,” Rozay began. “I just had my table delivered; been waiting on this a long time. Guess what I did! This is my amazing brunch area, but guess what we did? I bought a motor from a 757 airliner. That’s right, an airplane! A 757 airliner. Had the blades polished, had the lights inserted. I can change the lights any color I want to.”


“Had the table top – the top glass – cut. This is custom,” he continued. “This is a Ricky Rozay customization. A Ricky Rozay request. And this brunch area is just for enjoying the finest spirits. Of course Luc Belaire is number one, McQueen, Bumbu, Avion. Right in front of one of my favorite fish tanks that you could see on both sides of the wall. And wow we pulled it off. Shout out to my team. It’s amazing.”

If that weren’t enough, a month later, Ross gave his fans a look at his latest expensive purchase, which happened to be a fish tank worth $1million. As usual, he took to Instagram to show off his new aquarium that was in the process of being built.

“Yo, have you ever seen a million-dollar fish tank?” he asked his followers. “You will in a few weeks.”

Rick Ross’ ballin’ habits aren’t just limited to his home, though. In October 2022, Ross purchased a $1.5million Mystery Tourbillion watch from Jacob & Co. that was so valuable it had to be delivered in an armored vehicle.