Diddy has officially declared Fridays to be a global mental health awareness holiday – and he’s named it “Fuck It Friday.”

In a post to his Instagram on Friday (January 27), the Bad Boy mogul made a PSA for his followers around the world.

“I declare the day of Friday a global multi-national mental health awareness holiday!” he captioned his post. “Every Fuck It Friday we’re going to say fuck the bullshit, fuck the stress ,fuck the news, fuck any of the bullshit that’s in your life that’s stressing you!

“Today’s the day to let go and LET GOD!” he continued. “It’s that simple!! Enjoy your Friday and remember, FUCK IT!” The video echoed similar sentiments.

“I, Love, declare today, Friday, and every Friday from here on out to be a global mental health global holiday,” Diddy says in a voiceover. “That means all over the world. I want you to say fuck it ’cause all week you’ve been dealing with the stress of life. The news. The evilness of this world. The why is this even going on? The stress from your job. The stress from your boss.

“The stress from your man, your girl, your kids. Today is the day we say fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. It’s fuck it Friday. It’s a mental health day. We need peace. Take care of yourself today. It’s a mental health day in Africa. In London, in Egypt, all Israel, it’s time to let God and let go. Peace. No stress. #FuckItFriday”


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Meanwhile, Diddy started off 2023 with a message to his followers, filled with well wishes and affirmations for the New Year – but he couldn’t help but crack a joke at Soulja Boy’s expense.

“It’s fuckin’ Friday,” he started. “We out here, doing what we do, doing it first, like we always did. I’m back outside. You know, Soulja Boy, I did everything first n-gga. It’s aight. I said your name, I know you ain’t gon… but hey!”


Diddy went on to encourage his followers to take a moment to unplug while ushering 2023 in from a place of peace and prosperity.

“Check it out, it’s so much bad shit on the internet right now,” he offered. “So much negative energy. So much, just like, yo… everybody, let’s lift up the frequency and vibration. Let’s stay off this fuckin’ internet. If you seeing this, turn your phone off for a day. Get you some rest, get closer to God. Get closer to your friends.”

He continued: “Be kind to people. Think about what you’re saying, think about what you’re doing. And get ready for ’23 to rise. This your season of wealth, your season of happiness, your season of peace. God bless y’all. Love!”