He’s collaborated with both Young Thug and Gunna, and Jacquees is showing support to both artists during the YSL scandal. Thugger continues to fight for his freedom as the RICO case against him and 13 co-defendants moves forward. Meanwhile, Gunna has been released after agreeing to a plea deal, sparking a wave of controversy as allegations of snitching plagues him.

It’s reported that several rappers and industry elite have quietly unfollowed or removed Gunna from social media. Recently, Jacquees was stopped by a TMZ cameraperson and asked about his peers.

“I don’t know, I stay in my own lane,” he said when questioned about people unfollowing Gunna. “I stay in my own lane, man. You know, I wish everybody the best.”

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The cameraperson “applauded” Jacquees for “still following” the “Pushin P” rapper online.

“Oh, yeah, I just stay outta that. I just wish everybody the best. Free my brother, though! That’s the biggest thing.”

After going viral for being one of the names to delete Gunna, Polo G emerged to deny rumors. He claimed he never followed him in the first place.

ATLANTA, GA – MAY 09: Rapper Young Thug and Jacquees Backstage during the ‘Nobody Safe’ Tour at Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood on May 9, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic )
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Young Thug has faced a new set of problems after prosecutors alleged he was involved in a drug deal. The incident occurred during a court hearing as co-defendant Kahlieff Adams slipped Thugger a Percocet. Deputies immediately confiscated the pill, and later it was reported that Adams also had tobacco and marijuana on his person.

A lawyer argued that Adams was taken to a holding cell where he was repeatedly tased. Adams was later sent to a hospital for treatment, although authorities claimed it was because he ingested contraband in an effort to conceal.