Jaguar Wright Arrested For Alleged Domestic Dispute

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Some shocking footage released online recently, showing police arresting Jaguar Wright for an alleged domestic dispute. Moreover, the video comes from the incendiary R&B singer’s husband, who filmed the incident and shared it on social media. According to her husband, she and an ex-cult member named Solar came to the barbershop he was at. During the altercation, they fist-fought and Wright allegedly dumped some of her son’s ashes.

Jaguar Wright during Baby Celebrates the Launch of His New Lugz Shoe Line Rock Star at Bed in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Furthermore, in the video that Wright’s husband shared, he explains his side of the story. Before that in the video, you can see authorities take the singer away.

“She came up here and assaulted me while I was at a f***ing barbershop,” he said. “Her and f***ing Solar came to the barbershop… bruised me and assaulted me. Throwing [her son’s] ashes out the car, calling n***as b***hes and hoes. Somebody else called the cops on her. I can’t calm her down.”

Last we heard of Jaguar Wright in the news, she made some damning accusations of assault to her ex-partner, Common. From what Wright’s husband explained, she’s been very involved in alleged cult behavior with supposed members. While police took her away, he aired out his frustrations with her proximity to another circle.

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“I never caused this to my wife,” he stated. “She did this to herself. Hanging out with… motherf***ing sex cultists… they both f***ing drunk as f**k.” Later, he explained an incident that happened the night before where they fought over a gun. However, it seems they called the cops for that incident as well, although it’s the only account we have of the incident.

Please pray for her,” her husband pleaded in the video. “Please, please, please pray for her. Pray for us… I don’t know why she did this shit, bro.”

That being said, in another video from Wright herself, you can see a small part of the fight between Wright and her husband. As multiple people both from the barbershop and close to each party try to intervene, you can hear the argument between everyone.

Afterwards, the singer goes back to her car, calling out her husband’s entourage and asking for Solar. Also, the video shows her throwing what seem to be her son’s ashes, as she mentions him. Whatever the case, people in the comments are hoping that she gets help soon.

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