His guilty verdict may have been delivered, but Tory Lanez isn’t giving up the fight for his freedom. The singer was recently found guilty of three counts related to the 2020 shooting involving Megan Thee Stallion. Lanez has maintained his innocence throughout, but a jury of his peers believed otherwise. Megan has shied away from the public since the conclusion of the trial. Since revealing she was shot following a party at Kylie Jenner’s home, the Traumazine rapper has been ridiculed by Lanez’s supporters.

Yesterday (January 10), Rolling Stone court reporter Nancy Dillon shared that Lanez would return to court today. She stated this hearing was centered on the rapper retaining a new lawyer, David Kenner, following the exit of George Mgdesyan.

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Kenner famously represented Suge Knight in the 1990s in a robbery case.

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“Tory’s dad, Sonstar Peterson, is here with his wife as well. We’re still waiting to go in,” Dillon reported. “Sonstar got very emotional at the conviction and shouted at the prosecutors before he was escorted out of the building.”

“Emotional” is an understatement, as videos of Sonstar went viral after he erupted in the courtroom during Lanez’s verdict. He swore to take down Roc Nation, as well, for their alleged involvement in the case.

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Meanwhile, Dillon added that there was confusion this morning regarding Lanez being transported to the court. Initial reports claimed he “refused” the ride, but it was later revealed there was an issue with his wristband.

Additionally, it looks like Lanez’s sentencing has been delayed.

“Sounds like there’s an agreement to postpone Tory Lanez’s sentencing a month so Kenner can file the motion for new trial,” Dillon wrote. “That would push sentencing to late February. Waiting for judge to approve this on the record.”

Read through a few more tweets from Nancy Dillon below.