There has been a string of unfortunate luck for Gucci Mane and his 1017 artists. Gucci has established himself as a Rap icon and he developed his label to help other artists get their taste of the good life. However, in recent years, there has been one headline after another about tragedies befalling his rappersJoe Budden tackled the touchy topic on his podcast by addressing the discussions about Gucci’s purported bad luck.

“Who people are signing, how people are signing them, and why people are signing them needs to be under thorough examination from all parties involved in the music business,” Budden stated.

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He also mentioned the sports world and how changes were made when a string of injuries were reported.

“Studies and new science showed the game was affecting players’ bodies differently,” burden continued. “So, they started coming up with these new theories, like shortening the season or making the playoffs shorter or whatever they was doing.”

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“The same thing has happened in rap in the last decade where we have never seen this many people die. We’ve never seen this many shootings, stabbings, clique beef, arrests, RICOs. I have never seen it in Hip Hop.”

Most recently, Gucci has been at odds with the relatives of his rapper Big Scarr. It was reported the 22-year-old died of an accidental drug overdose.

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In addition to Scarr’s passing, several 1017 artists have faced legal troubles. Mac Critter was recently arrested on first-degree murder charges, and Foogiano was hit with five years in prison. Pooh Shiesty received five years for a firearm charge, and Hotboy Wes was also arrested in connection to a robbery.

Budden spoke on the “death of A&R” and the “death of musicianship.”

“A whole roster that is suffering,” he said. “And I don’t think it’s coincidence anymore.” Additionally, “It don’t matter that one of them made a good song. And now, it done sold however many million or made however many millions.”

“If n*ggas don’t have the information, if n*ggas don’t really know how to move in this space… Life expectancy for rappers is short already. For me, as a rapper, it’s scary as sh*t out there right now.”

Check out Budden explaining his point below.