Much has been said about Gunna and the seven others who accepted plea deals in the YSL RICO case. The trial is slated to begin soon as potential jurors are currently being vetted. Hip Hop has weighed in heavily with reactions, and Jim Jones addressed the controversy surrounding Gunna being free while Young Thug remains behind bars.

“It’s a touchy situation,” Jones said in the clip. “I don’t know the ins and out of it. I don’t know the whole situation. All I can see is what I see. And from where I come from, taking a plea when you have co-defendants is really not the thing you supposed to do.”

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“You ever catch a case by yourself and sh*t, that’s something different,” the Harlem icon also said. “I think taking a plea is a touchy thing, and I don’t really wanna touch too much on it and sh*t like that because I’ve seen my n*ggas go through some of the certain things.”

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“But I can say this: None of my n*ggas took a plea.” Jones further stated that some of his friends are locked up, “doing the time.”

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Jones added, “They accepted what they did. They accepted who snitched on ’em, they accepted it all. And they all sat down and did they time. Nobody tried to take a plea, nobody tried to go around.” Additionally, “N*ggas even went to trial and did everything they could except do that.”

Last night, Gunna returned to social media via an Instagram post. He supported both YSL and the late Lil Keed, but it was met with tension. It seems that several of Keed’s relatives no longer support Gunna.

The rapper accepted a plea deal during the holiday season and has faced many accusations regarding cooperating with the authorities. Gunna’s attorney insists the rapper did not snitch on anyone and doesn’t plan on testifying against his former co-defendants.