Next month, Tory Lanez will learn his fate, and Ebro Darden is clearing up his comments about the incarcerated star. Lanez was convicted of three counts related to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. He has long argued he wasn’t the person responsible, but Megan named him as the shooter. A jury agreed, and the singer will find out his prison sentence during a hearing on February 28.

Last year, Darden went viral after he shared his thoughts on the case. “There’s also a world where we can be sad for Tory Lanez and sad for Megan Thee Stallion,” he said during an episode of Rap Life Review last April.

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“He was apologetic to her,” Darden also stated at the time. “In public, he was doing something else. But the reason I say that is I don’t want to see another Black man go to jail. That’s not what I want to see. That’s part one.”

He continued: “Part two, I also believe he was probably highly intoxicated, right? And was being completely ridiculous… Her version of him standing up just shooting talking about, ‘Dance, b*tch, dance,’ that sounds insane. You are not in your right mind. That sounds like you was off… He sounds like he was off the full Pusha T album. He shoved it up his nose.”

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Megan’s supporters didn’t appreciate the hot take, and now, Darden is clarifying his statement.

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“I expressed how I felt about Tory going to jail, which, you know, I never wanna see a Black man go to jail,” Darden stated. “But he deserves it, and he deserves what he’s getting. So, when I was asked about it, I was like, ‘I hope he doesn’t have to go to jail.”

“But, the truth is, I’m sad. Even as Megan is getting justice, she’s not a winner in this scenario. She was abused. And then, she’s being verbally abused, and then she’s being framed in a bad way. Then, when she goes to put out music, this is gonna continue to come up all the time. That’s sad to me.”

Darden further said Lanez is “an artist we watched grow” to a hitmaker with several No. 1 projects. “His ego gets out of control,” he said. “He starts doing dumb sh*t and his toxic behavior is on display. Next thing we know, here we are in this scenario.”

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He also touched on the jail call Lanez made to Kelsey Harris that seemingly sealed his fate. Darden called the rapper an “idiot” because, on the call, Lanez seemed remorseful. However, in public, Ebro claimed Lanez gaslighted and taunted Megan.

“That makes me sad.”

Check out Ebro Darden’s initial controversial take and his follow-up above.