Tony Yayo Thinks Video Of Gunna Leaving Jail “Wasn’t A Good First Day Out”

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Jury selection for the YSL RICO case is underway, and Tony Yayo has been paying attention. The G-Unit rapper, along with the remainder of Hip Hop, has tracked updates in the case against Young Thug and his purported associates. Eight people have taken plea deals, including Gunna, and Yayo questions if the “Pushin P” rapper’s first day out was a good look.

“It’s hard to call somebody a snitch without the paperwork, but I think when that video came out,” Yayo told VladTV. “‘Cause remember when Gunna got out—and I love Gunna music. I love Thugger music. Gunna got out, he had the bad chick with him, jumped in a $200,000 Maybach, everything was all Gucci.”

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“But, two minutes later—what was that, probably like an hour later, the film in court came out. And, you know, of course, his lawyer wrote that [statement]. His lawyer probably wrote that. But, now in these days, you got the camera, it just gon’ look like you pushin’ pleas.”

Yayo noted that in the industry, especially Hip Hop, “if you turn into a rat… career’s over.”

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Vlad spoke about Gunna admitting in his plea deal that YSL was a criminal organization and that he witnessed other members committing crimes.

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“But then, a lotta people was confused and they was sayin’, ‘What Thugger say? Did Thugger tell him to take that plea ’cause he feel like he not comin’ home?’” said Yayo.

“If that’s the case and he told him to do that… There’s just a lotta confusion,” he added. “We don’t know. The internet is gonna have two sides to the story. But the video in court, when you sayin’, ‘Yo, is YSL a gang?’ ‘Yes ma’am.’ ‘Is this a gang? ‘Yes ma’am.’”

Yayo said he would have stayed in jail longer than a year. “That wasn’t a good first day out for him.”

The case against Young Thug is said to begin this month. Check out what else Tony Yayo had to say about the controversy above.

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