Steve Madden says that he’s “obsessed” with Suge Knight and wants to meet the former music executive. Madden discussed his appreciation for Knight while speaking with Joe Budden on Humans.

“I’m obsessed with Suge Knight. I never met him, I want to meet him,” Madden admitted.

NEW YORK – JUNE 29: Designer Steve Madden poses for a picture during Steve Madden Music at the Ramscale Penthous on June 29, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/WireImage)

Knight is currently serving 28 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter regarding a fatal 2015 hit-and-run. Madden says that he’s willing to visit the former Death Row mogul in prison if need be.

“Coming from where he came from, I think we need to cut him a little bit of a break. Although running over a guy probably not a great thing that he did,” Madden said. “I do admire the entrepreneurial spirit.”

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Madden is no stranger to legal trouble. He spent 41 months in prison for stock manipulation, money laundering, and securities fraud back in 2002. He says that prison gave him the chance to learn about hip-hop music.

“I listened to southern Hip Hop which was like T.I. and all those, you know, those guys, that’s what we heard down there because I was in the south,” Madden said. “I remember, you know, that sort of like, that whole Atlanta and then Trick Daddy and all that stuff, and I would listen T.I.”

In addition to Suge Knight, Madden says that he also wants to meet Master P.

“I look up to Master P, I really admire Master P a lot,” Madden explained. “I was in prison with some guys from the projects that he was from.”

Check out Budden’s interview with Steve Madden on his Humans show below.