Prior to settling in as B2K, the Pop-R&B group went through several phases, and Raz B is giving some insight. They changed names and switched up members, and Raz caught up with VladTV to revisit those early days. During the chat, he recalled being in a group with Jhené Aiko’s brother before forming the group that we know as B2K.

“After the five [person] group, we disbanded,” said Raz. “We were shopped around to multiple labels. Everybody passed on us. But there was one label that really expressed a lot of interest, which was Epic Records.”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 05: (L-R) J-Boog, Raz-B, Omarion, and Lil’ Fizz of B2K performs onstage during their The Millennium Tour at State Farm Arena on April 05, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
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Vlad brought up comments made by Omarion about his introduction to the group. He mentioned the singer noting that the other members already had a “synergy” by the time he joined B2K. It was suggested Omarion felt a bit like an outsider.

“I would definitely say the fact that three of us was already in a group prior, there was some chemistry that we had,” Raz replied. “But as soon as Omarion got in the group, we immediately embraced him. But, I think just like any other brothers, everybody’s gonna have their little frictions.”

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“Just because you’re in a group doesn’t mean you necessarily like each other.” Raz did state, however, that he “always made O feel very welcome in the group.”

B2K backstage during TRL at the MTV Studios in New York City. 5/22/02 Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images
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The conflict between Omarion and his former groupmates has been well-documented. There seemed to be tension brewing behind the scenes, but when it was revealed that Fizz was dating the mother of Omarion’s children, things turned sour.

Fizz and Apryl Jones’s romance has been over for some time, and these days, she’s happily in love with Taye Diggs.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Omarion and Fizz may be better. Fizz did offer an apology for how he handled the situation with Jones. However, there was a social media dust-up when Omarion used a clip of Raz in his documentary, further straining their friendship.