The investigation into Takeoff’s death continues as a suspect has been arrested. The Migos star fell victim to a shooting that occurred last November 1 in Houston. From the onset, a scandal erupted after a video of the tragedy reached social media and showed J. Prince Jr. walking past the rapper’s dead body. It was a highly-talked-about moment that social media users discussed far and wide, but the Prince family made it clear that they love Takeoff.

Still, the controversy continues to haunt Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince. He recently jumped on Livestream and was confronted by viewers who left comments related to Takeoff.

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“It brings joy to my heart to see the ones on here that are keeping the brother Takeoff’s name alive,” said Prince. “Y’all keep on keeping his name alive.”

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However, Prince made it clear that he wouldn’t stand for any disrespect.

“I want all y’all to know, none of y’all love him no more than I do,” he added in the video. “So, take that sucka sh*t and take it to ya mammies.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Clark has been fighting for his freedom ever since he was arrested in connection to Takeoff’s murder.

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Clark has denied that he is responsible for Takeoff’s death, but prosecutors say otherwise. Reports stated that upon his arrest, Clark was found with a large amount of cash and a ticket to Mexico. Prosecutors allege he is a flight risk, and his bond has been set at a staggering $1 million.

There have been repeated attempts to have the bail decreased, but a judge has held firm.