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RBX Recalls Dr. Dre Cautioning Him On Receiving “Gifts” From Suge Knight

“If it ain’t registered in your name, it’s not yours. It belong to somebody else,” Dre said.

Dr. Dre’s storied career in music has afforded him many significant experiences, thus a wealth of wisdom. Former Death Row Records artist RBX recently recounted an experience where the 57-year-old cautioned him on blindly taking gifts from their former CEO, Suge Knight.

The “A.W.O.L” rapper was interviewed by The Art Of Dialogue on Tuesday (Dec. 27) and spoke about being gifted a brand new 750 BMW by Suge in 1995. Though an exciting moment, both his lawyer and the Aftermath Entertainment CEO said to ensure he wasn’t driving around without proper documentation.


“He was saying something like, ‘If it ain’t registered in your name, it’s not yours. It belong to somebody else,’” RBX recalled. “And that just stuck. So kudos to Dre.”

His lawyer was a lot more firm and offered several important inquiries related to the vehicle while the “Rough Is The Texture” rapper took his new ride for a spin through Los Angeles.


“[My lawyer] say, ‘Where you get a Beamer from?’ I say, ‘Suge.’ He say, ‘Mm-hmm. Did they give you the bill of sale to the Beamer?’ I say ‘No.’ He say, ‘Do you have registration for the Beamer?’ I say ‘No.’ He said, ‘What do you have in the muthaf**kin’ BMW that says that you have permission to drive it?’ I say, ‘Nothing. I got the key!’”

The Long Beach, Calif. rapper immediately returned to the Death Row office and talked to the front desk receptionist. “I said, ‘Ay man, where’s the paperwork to go to the car bruh?’ He said, ‘What paperwork? Man, that’s a Death Row car! You ain’t got to worry about no paperwork!’ I said, ‘Huh? Bro, I’m driving up and down Melrose. The police is not gon’ pull me over and I’ma just be like, ‘Oh it’s a Death Row car!’ That’s not gon work! You got to give me some type of paperwork.’”

RBX went on to learn that multiple Death Row signees had similar experiences with gifts from Suge Knight, namely Snoop Dogg and a house he was given. “Lot of cats had Death Row houses. My little cousin Snoop he had that issue,” the 54-year-old said. “I think he had a bomb house but it was in Suge name. Snoop had to do some things and get that house back in his name.”

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