Meek Mill’s trip to Ghana for the Afro Nation music festival isn’t going as he may have planned as the rapper has revealed he had his phone stolen.

On Thursday (December 29), Meek took to his Instagram Stories with a message stating someone had “pickpocketed” his phone and he wanted it back. The Dream Chasers boss shared several videos on his IG Stories of him out and about with Ghanaians while on his way to the festival.

Meek had been feeling all the love from the locals and explained in one Story that he was planning to get a house in Ghana. Things turned sour on the next slide, though.

“They pick pocketed me for my phoneeeeeee SMH….Bring that Jawn back if you got it!!” he wrote.


The situation wasn’t too turbulent for Meek Mill, though, as he shared more footage of Ghanaians showing him love while he was out and about in the capital city, Accra. He also went on to perform his headlining set on day one of Afro Nation Ghana, which also boasts Skepta, Black Sherif and more on the lineup.

Meek called Ghana his second home earlier this week when an test result revealed he’s 18 percent Ghanaian. The Philadelphia native posted his DNA results on his Instagram Story, circling the 18% labeled “Ivory Coast & Ghana” and writing: “My second home!!!”

Shortly after, more videos surfaced showing Meek arriving in the West African country with his entourage and trusty four-wheeler, heading to the club at 3 a.m. and not leaving until hours later.

“Young Kings,” he wrote on Instagram. “came to club at 3am left and 7am on 12 o clock! #ghanalit they been keeping us from Africa huh lol my come thru be wayyyyyyyyyyyy different.”


Despite losing his phone, Meek appears to be in great spirits of late, especially when the judge who imprisoned him in 2017 was stripped of her cases and accused of ethical misconduct.

Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced Meek to two-to-four years in prison for what she deemed to be a probation violation in his 2008 gun case after the rapper was arrested in New York City for popping wheelies and riding a dirtbike through the streets without a helmet.

The judge has now been accused of “imposing illegal sentences, allowing sentences to run past their maximum date, or failing [to] address cases remanded to her by higher courts” after reviewing her caseload, and has been stripped of all her cases following an investigation.

“‘For motivation use only’ -standing at the scratch line,” Meek captioned an Instagram Reel featuring photos and video clips surrounding his highly publicized case.