DJ Khaled has finally got his hands on a pair of Eminem’s ultra-rare Nike Air Jordan 4 “Encore” kicks — and he hasn’t been able to contain his excitement.

Khaled hopped on Instagram Wednesday (December 28) to celebrate finally being able to purchase what is now one of his most prized possessions.

“I finally got ’em. Anybody know me I been trying to get these for the longest time,” he said. “Yes, I have a lot of sneakers. I collect sneakers, I collect watches and I love my sneakers but I been trying to get these for so long and I finally got ’em.”

“The word is they only made like 23 pairs of these… I’m sure they made a little more than that but I know I been trying to get ’em and I could never get ’em.”



The Air Jordan 4 “Encore” was originally released in 2005 to commemorate Eminem’s multi-platinum 2004 album of the same name. According to SneakerBarDetroit, only 50 pairs were made at the time and distributed amongst Em’s friends and family.

The suede blue 4’s returned with a retro version in 2017 where only another 23 pairs were produced and given to exclusive customers. It sounds as if Khaled purchased one of the 23 made in the 2017 retro edition.


With such a limited supply around the world, Slim Shady’s “Encore” 4 is highly sought after and very tough to come by. Currently, there’s one pair available on the StadiumGoods website in a size 8 going for over $47,000.

Eminem teamed up with Air Jordan and Carhartt for another exclusive collaboration in 2015 with the “Black Chrome” Air Jordan 4, which was also produced in limited quantities and given to friends and family while a few pairs were auctioned on eBay for charity.

On the StockX marketplace, the last sale for the Carhartt “Black Chrome” went for $23,000 while some pairs are currently listed north of six figures.