Yung Joc Pledged To Shave Head If Tory Lanez Found Guilty

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Tory Lanez’s guilty verdict spread all over social media for the last couple of hours, with reactions and comments galore. However, some of those came from Internet sleuths who, for whatever reason, can’t let someone live a bet down. Clips resurfaced of an interview between DJ Vlad and Yung Joc, where the 40-year-old rapper said he’d shave his head if Tory was guilty. Well, the time has come, and many went back to the interview to show Joc those receipts.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – JUNE 09: Yung Joc attends the grand opening of SRS & Associates’ new Buckhead location on June 09, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Despite jokes around the foretold shave, the Atlanta MC will go through with it. In the Shade Room post that contained the interview clip in question, DJ Vlad commented with that confirmation. “Just confirmed he’s going to shave his head,” he wrote in the comments.

“If Tory is found guilty,” Joc said, “I’ll shave my head. I’ll shave my whole head bald.”

“Are you serious?” the media host inquired, to which Joc responded with a decisive “Yes.”

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Interestingly enough, this isn’t Yung Joc’s first strange encounter with a new hairstyle. Moreover, he got a spray-on beard and people clowned him for it last year. Still, that time around, he took it quite well, using Boosie’s famous line of “Put your face on Live for $1,000.” However, back in 2019, he had some crazier things going on. The TV personality shaved a 3D portrait of Tupac Shakur on his head, which got stranger but less mocking responses.

Check out the comments of this post to see DJ Vlad’s confirmation / Via instagram @theshaderoom

However, this time, people bombarded him with requests, comments, dares, and more and more people online asking him about the bet. Joc is having fun with it, though, as he’s posted a few funny memes and references to the shave on his IG story. Some are reposts of other people, others are the clips of his bet themselves, and a few are just random memes he made or liked. Even if the bet didn’t go his way, at least he’s making light of his controversial support.

Screenshot of Yung Joc’s IG story referencing the bet / Via Instagram @joclive

Do you think Yung Joc will pull off his new look? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, as always, stay locked in to HNHH for the latest bets, dares, and crazy antics in the rap game.

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