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Styles P Breaks Down Why The Notorious B.I.G. Remains The Greatest Of All Time

“He was very fu**ing classy and a G at the same time,” The LOX member said of the rap icon.

Styles P remains convinced that The Notorious B.I.G. is the greatest rapper to ever clutch a mic. The LOX member recently appeared on Creators Club alongside groupmate Jadakiss and broke down the exact traits that set Biggie apart from the pack.

“I think most people understand him as the greatest MC to ever live,” the Yonkers rep contended. “What makes him the greatest, he was really great in all aspects of rhyming. Most people are good in two categories, maybe three, if you’re pushing it. Big was really, really nice in all categories.”


The Gangster & Gentleman also pointed to the late rap icon’s personality and ability to straddle the line between sophistication and hardcore that made him incomparable. “What really topped it off was he was a charismatic individual, but he was very fu**ing classy and a G at the same time,” the health advocate adds.


The relationship between The LOX, who signed to Bad Boy Records in the mid ’90s, and the Brooklyn don was one which Pinero recalls fondly, reminiscing on Big’s congeniality and good-natured spirit.

“He ain’t just treat me, Kiss and Louch good; he treated all over our homeboys good,” Styles saed. “He would treat my man how he would treat me. He would give me that same drink, that same weed, that same thing, and I think that’s what set him apart for me.”

The 48-year-old added, “I think he embodied something that most people don’t, and he was a student of the game. He loved rhyming, so when he heard us rhyme, and you know, at those times when somebody asked you to rhyme, you rhymed.”

He concluded by highlighting the similarities his partners-in-rhyme and Biggie shared and how it resulted in them bonding in a relatively brief period. “I think we embody the same thing he embodied,” he said. “I think it just made him have a natural kind of clinging to us, and vice versa.”

The Notorious B.I.G. Wearing Leather Jacket
The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace) poses for a portrait in 1994 in New York City, New York. Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Styles P and The LOX collaborated with The Notorious B.I.G. prior to his death. In 1997, the trio appeared on the song “Last Day” from his sophomore studio album Life After Death, as well as on the Bad Boy posse cut “It’s All About the Benjamins” that same year.


Listen to The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Last Day” featuring The LOX below.

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