Romeo Miller has once again called out Master P after his father addressed their feud in a new interview, in which he suggested his son is entitled.

The “My Baby” rapper took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday (December 22) hitting back at the No Limit Records founder over his comments. Romeo reposted a screenshot promoting the conversation and left some choice words for his rap mogul father.

“I have nothing to fear or lie about,” Romeo wrote. “I want everybody to support my dad and his interviews, and then I’ll follow back up and sit down with the same people with a lie detector test. And please stop with the sob story, this ain’t about money, you know no matter how much you take, I’ve never asked you to pay for any of my bills as an adult, I’m good good.

“This is about how if anything ever happened to me or you, then this family has nothing. That’s not generational wealth, and I’m tired of the deception. This interview showed me your true colors, love ya but I can’t protect that. Take a page from Mike Tyson, your real truth will inspire even the next generation.”


Master P’s comments about Romeo came during an interview with Nino Brown that was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday. Brown told P you can’t give people things that they don’t deserve or haven’t earned because that’ll create a sense of entitlement, which he believed applied to Romeo.

Master P agreed and replied: “What you gonna do when I’m gone? Because this could have killed me, think about it… but social media people don’t even look at how this started about the DJ and me posting R.I.P. But think about it, so because my daughter died I can’t even say R.I.P. to nobody?”

The 52-year-old went on to say that because his son seemingly made their issues about money, it hurt him deeply to know his son would think that of him. When asked if he could ever forgive Romeo, P said he has already forgiven him.

“That’s my son,” he said. “I like what Charleston White said. He stood up, everybody, y’all probably got kids so y’all know people don’t really see the behind the scenes. People don’t really see that so, man, people hide that.”

The No Limit Records boss added that whenever Romeo needed help, he showed up. He said when his son grew tired of being an executive producer of the reality TV series Growing Up Hip Hop, he pulled some strings to get him off the show, which resulted in him missing out on money.

Master P is happy that this whole argument with his son transpired because it made him realize what he will now do with his money if anything happened to him, which is to give it all away to charity.


The latest chapter in the dispute between Master P and Romeo comes after a week-long debate that started over the elder Miller’s post in tribute to the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who committed suicide. Romeo didn’t appreciate his father paying tribute to tWitch but not doing the same for his daughter Tytyana Miller, who died of an accidental drug overdose in May.

What transpired next was a series of shots from both sides, with Romeo claiming his father is living a lie and withholding earnings from him, and Master P stating his son needs to grow up while accusing him of breaking the family apart.