Meek Mill once accused Genece Brinkley, the judge who jailed him for a probation violation in 2017, of having a personal vendetta against him, and she’s now facing a legal battle of her own.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Judge Brinkley has been transferred to civil court and stripped of all her criminal cases, which have been reassigned with growing concerns of unethical conduct on her part.

Lawyers and other judges have accused Brinkley of “imposing illegal sentences, allowing sentences to run past their maximum date, or failing [to] address cases remanded to her by higher courts” after reviewing her caseload.

“We have long raised concerns about Judge Brinkley,” Defender Association of Philadelphia Chief Keisha Hudson said. “Concerns in terms of judicial temperament and cases on an individual basis.”

Hudson said lawyers are reviewing 120 cases ruled on by Brinkley and are reconsidering the sentences because “they are grossly excessive.”

Brinkley is denying any wrongdoing and is seeking to have her position restored after filing a gender and racial discrimination complaint against the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

“[The reassignment] raises unwarranted suspicions about [her] integrity and performance. The last place that such shenanigans can be allowed is in our courts where integrity must be the hallmark,” she wrote.

Judge Brinkley’s term has been draped in controversy, headlined by her handing Meek Mill a two-to-four-year sentence in October 2017 for what she ruled was a probation violation in his 2008 gun case after Meek was arrested in NYC for reckless endangerment for popping wheelies and riding a dirtbike through the streets without a helmet.

Meek was eventually released from prison in April 2018 on bail once the case landed at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which ordered his immediate release.

In its decision, the court questioned the credibility of Meek’s original arresting officer, Reginald Graham, who was named in a list of possibly corrupt Philadelphia police officers.

“While the past five months have been a nightmare, the prayers, visits, calls, letters and rallies have helped me stay positive,” Meek said at the time of his release.