Ashanti may not be getting back with her ex Nelly any time soon, but she isn’t opposed to getting together in the booth.

In a new interview on The New Norm with Selena Hill shared on Thursday (December 22), Ashanti laughed when asked if she’d collab with her former flame any time soon. Following a sensual performance the pair gave earlier this month, the singer has been fielding tons of questions about whether they’d get back together – and she appreciated the new angle in questioning.

“The majority of the questions I’ve been getting lately are, ‘Oh, are y’all getting back together?’” Ashanti said with a laugh. “But releasing music together? The one thing that I can say is that we’re both very business savvy. So, if something is presenting itself as an opportunity to get money, we’re probably both gonna be with it.

“I don’t know if we’re gonna go to the studio or anything together,” she continued. “But what I will say is, again, we’re both very business savvy. So if an opportunity presents itself to make a record and get to the bag, we’re probably gonna be all in.”


The former couple hit the stage together as part of Power 98.3 and Power 96.1’s “Under The Mistletoe” concert series in Glendale, Arizona on December 4, and Ashanti was seen grinding on her former flame while they performed their 2008 collaboration, “Body On Me.”

The intimate moment gave rise to speculation that the two hitmakers, who dated on-and-off for 11 years before splitting for good in 2014, might still have feelings for each other. At least, that’s what fans were hoping for. It doesn’t look like that’s happening (for now), but Ashanti did say that they’re in a better place.


“I saw a lot of comments,” she said in an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the performance. “My reaction was ‘Wow’, you know? It was a lot of comments and a lot of people wanting that. What I will say is we’re in a better place, because before it was like [*makes punching movements] but, you know, we’re cool now … We had some conversations so it was cool.”

When asked by Cohen if a romantic reunion was off the table, Ashanti merely shrugged and seemed to say she didn’t know.

Meanwhile, Nelly recently have props to his friends in country music — going as far as to say they may be more athletic than his Hip Hop counterparts.

In a reel uploaded to Instagram, the St. Louis native revealed the outcome of a conversation he was having with a group of friends and gave props to county artists, claiming their athleticism shouldn’t be slept on.