SAN ANTONIO, TX – Rick Ross returned to All Elite Wrestling this week but his expletive mishap while on air could cost the wrestling promotion a pretty penny.

Rozay made an appearance on Wednesday night’s (December 21) Dynamite and graced the mic to narrate the tension in the ring between superstars Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, and the MMG mogul is going to hear from the FCC thanks to his choice words to describe Lee.

“You a big muthafucka’,” he told Lee.

The “f-bomb” from Ross wasn’t censored either, which put a nervous look on the 300-pound wrestler’s face.


Rozay stayed in the ring to debut his Mogul Affiliates stable of Swerve and Parker Boudreaux putting the beats on Lee.

“Woah. History being made,” he said. “The Mogul Affiliates.”

The rapper continued showing off his skills on the mic to narrate the carnage in the ring as a cinderblock was broken over Keith Lee’s stomach courtesy of a Swerve Strickland stomp from the top rope.

“I need y’all to know it is official,” Rozay announced. “Mogul Affiliates has partnered up with Maybach Music.”


The cameras couldn’t get enough of Ross as he went on to keep the promo rolling backstage with an interview making his presence felt at Dynamite.

“We’re coming to take over the whole game. All you know me for is one thing, and that’s winning, getting big money. Ain’t no more friends,” he said before hitting on the reporter. “You cute too, baby. I got that G-Wagon waiting for you.”


Rozay made his initial Dynamite debut in November where he put his hidden talent of cutting wrestling promos on display which must have impressed higher-ups at the network.

It seems as if Rick Ross and his stable will be part of AEW’s future as a featured storyline as long as the executives’ pockets weren’t hurt too badly by his “f-bomb” misstep earlier in the night.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross and the mother of his three youngest children may no longer be together, but it looks like they’re doing their thing when it comes to co-parenting.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (December 21), Rozay was seen gifting his ex Briana Camille with a diamond necklace. In her caption, Camille expressed appreciation for the gesture – but made sure to note that it wouldn’t lead to anything further.