It has been stated that we could receive a verdict in the Tory Lanez trial regarding the Megan Thee Stallion shooting as early as this afternoon. As the jury deliberates, a new report by NBC News has begun to circulate as they examine the public’s obsession with this case. Further, the outlet picked apart how blogs and blogging culture impacted how the public perceived Megan’s guilt, innocence, or culpability, even though she was the victim.

Alex Spiro, Megan’s attorney, spoke with NBC News and suggested that legal action could be taken against outlets that purposefully shared misinformation about the case.

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Spiro said his team is “exploring all legal options” against “bloggers who have posted misinformation.” NBC noted blogger Milagro Gramz covered the case. She reported that the LAPD confirmed the rapper was injured from stepping on glass.

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However, during the trial, the doctor who performed Megan’s surgery said she still had bullet fragments in her feet. It was also added that DJ Akademiks reshared Gramz’s report.

“On my end, everything is not going to be something that was intended to be a factual statement,” said Gramz. “It might have a comedic effect.” She also stated that she wasn’t trying to “tear anyone down” and had prayed for Megan.

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Further, Megan’s legal team has proactively flagged social media content as abusive—including Gramz. Her account was locked, or restricted, for 11 hours due to repeatedly violating Twitter’s rules.

Additionally, No Jumper‘s Adam22 was also contacted for the story. He said, “In no way are we trying to push any agenda in favor of meg or tory.” Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee also defended his platform, insisting they have been “unbiased” in their reports on Megan and Lanez.