No matter how famous Beyoncé may be, Tina Lawson will share stories about her eldest daughter whenever possible. This time, Ms. Tina sat with a former First Lady for REVOLT x Michelle Obama: The Cross-Generational Conversation. The special also featured guests like Kelly Rowland, Winnie Harlow, and H.E.R., while Angie Martinez acted as host.

During the chat, several women spoke about parenthood and finding the balance of protecting one’s children while also allowing them to make mistakes. Lawson used Beyoncé as an example as she brought up a moment in the singer’s youth. According to Lawson, Bey was just an aspiring singer who felt out-matched by a better vocalist.

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“There’s a balance so that they don’t feel that they’re entitled to things,” said Lawson. “I remember Beyoncé being in the group at first,” but another singer, a girl slightly older with a “better voice” was brought in.

There was disbelief that there could have been a singer better than Beyoncé, but at the time, it was true.

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“She was much older and stronger,” Lawson remembered. She recalled her daughter “coming home and saying, ‘That’s not fair because I brought her there and, you know, they’re not even telling me thank you, and now she’s just singing all the lead.’”

It could have made things simple just to support Beyoncé during her youthful frustration. However, that’s not what Ms. Tina chose to do.

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“I’m like, you know what, I would go get in those voice lessons,” she said. “And I’d just work twice as hard because the world ain’t fair… That was a really tough lesson for that age.”

Little Beyoncé didn’t appreciate the lesson and told her mother, “I hate you.” She even threw in a, “You’re not my best friend and I hate you.”

“When your kids say, ‘You are not my best friend,’” Lawson added. “Well, I don’t want to be your best friend.” It was a lesson that we’re sure Bey has implemented throughout her career.

Check out the full conversation above.