Rick Ross shared a video of a new custom table built from an airplane engine he picked up for his house on Instagram. Ross posted the piece, built from the motor to a 757 airliner, on social media Thursday.

“Yo, you my family! I wanted you to see this,” Ross said in a video of the table. “I just had my table delivered; been waiting on this a long time. Guess what I did! This is my amazing brunch area, but guess what we did? I bought a motor from a 757 airliner. That’s right, an airplane! A 757 airliner. Had the blades polished, had the lights inserted. I can change the lights any color I want to.”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 29: Rick Ross performs onstage during “Joy To Polls” Pop-Up concert on December 29, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

“Had the table top – the top glass – cut. This is custom,” he further continued. “This is a Ricky Rozay customization. A Ricky Rozay request. And this brunch area is just for enjoying the finest spirits. Of course Luc Belaire is number one, McQueen, Bumbu, Avion. Right in front of one of my favorite fish tanks that you could see on both sides of the wall. And wow we pulled it off. Shout out to my team. It’s amazing.”

While he didn’t reveal the price, he told his followers to message him if they were curious. Assuming it was quite expensive, it wouldn’t be the first high-budget item Ross has shown off on IG as of late. Back in October, he bought a $1.5 million Mystery Tourbillion watch from Jacob & Co. that he had delivered to him by way of an armored vehicle.

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Check out the video of Rick Ross’ custom table on Instagram below.