Things are heating up in R&B after a clip of Lyfe Jennings went viral. The veteran singer recently took to the stage to revisit his hits for a crowd of fans, but not everyone was impressed. In videos shared on social media, Lyfe is seen belting out on the microphone while in a fan’s face. The person who recorded the clip also expressed their displeasure in a caption.

“I went to see Lyfe Jenningz last night & when I tell you never tf again,” the user wrote. “I want my mf money back.” The Neighborhood Talk also reposted the video, Lyfe took to the comments to defend himself.

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“Better put some respect on my sh*t,” he penned. “Ima whole legend out here Pronto. 80 shows this year alone 80% of em sold out. Go check my new video ’till you gone’ it’ll explain this gas lighting wit cheap gas ass blog.”

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Further, the outlet wasn’t the only thing Lyfe was upset about. The comment section was flooded with reactions, but it was a face-palm emoji from Mario that prompted Jennings to return.

“That’s why I f*ck wit the rappers,” wrote Lyfe. “R and b n*ggas be fake AF. So much I could say but my number speak for themselves and my rep do too.” It was a response that wasn’t lost on Mario.

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“Yo what is this niggas life’s IG, I been tryna find him 🤔 Nah FR help…?” he asked. There hasn’t been an update on whether or not the two singers talked out their differences, but Lyfe shared an Instagram post to suggest he didn’t appreciate becoming a meme.

Check that out below.