An opinion made by Hitmaka sparked a new discussion in Hip Hop. Recently, the megaproducer and vice president of A&R for Atlantic Records took to Twitter to share a few thoughts about women in Rap. “Can’t wait to work with a pretty female rapper that’s strictly about bars to even the playing field,” he said.

“P*ssy rap was cool when it had shock value & was rare. Now it’s like every girl taking it there. It’s sum who aren’t but they need a hit producer 4 impact [raining umbrella emoji].”

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People quickly noted that he specified “pretty,” causing some to dismiss his observation. Reactions were divided, and the public once again discussed sexually charged lyrics in Hip Hop. It was stated that for decades, men had penned rhymes about their sexual exploits without similar criticisms.

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Asian Doll appeared with a message of her own, and many believed she was referencing Hitmaka.

“I fell like why do n*ggas always worried bout what female rappers rap about?” she questioned.

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“N*ggas been rapping bout the same thing since rap was invented.. ladies rap for the ladies not for you n*ggas,” Doll added. “[And] we running sh*t rn so let us be US [100 emoji] even tho I don’t only rap about my p*ssy still Stfu.”

After Hitmaka’s tweet went viral, he returned with a follow-up. It looks like he’s working on mapping out 2023 and is ready to take on more challenges with women in Rap.

“I’m already done with 3 Albums executive produced by Me dropping in 2023. Top of the year I’m starting this female rapper project.”

Do you think Hitmaka has a point or is he out of line? Check out a few reactions below and let us know in the comments.