For years, people believed Tory Lanez’s trial would reveal what happened that fateful night with Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey Harris. However, just days into the trial, the public is left with more questions than they are answers. Megan was shot in the foot in July 2020 after leaving a Hollywood Hills party at Kylie Jenner’s house. The Houston rapper insisted that Lanez was the person responsible, but he denies the allegations. Still, he faces three felony charges related to the event.

It was believed that Harris would be the missing link to give more perspective into what occurred. However, when she took the stand yesterday (December 14), she seemingly muddled the story further. Harris backtracked on comments she told to prosecutors during an interview in September. It was then that she said she saw Lanez with the gun and revealed he allegedly threatened to shoot her, as well.

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Yet, on the stand, Harris said she lied to prosecutors. Megan’s former best friend pleaded the fifth and said she didn’t remember or didn’t recall key moments of the incident. Recordings for her interview with the prosecution were played in court, but Harris was unmoved.

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She was also questioned about Lanez allegedly offering to pay for her lawyer. The prosecution wanted to know if he actually did, but Harris answered she didn’t remember. However, she did confirm that Lanez offered to give her $1 million, but she added he didn’t say what the money was for, suggesting it didn’t have anything to do with the shooting.

As Harris is slated to return to the stand today, the public has been unrelenting. She has been accused of taking a bribe from Lanez, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

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Alex Spiro, Megan’s lawyer, spoke exclusively with The Shade Room about Harris changing her testimony in court.

“It just shows she was compromised. Whether a threat or bribe, but we’re looking into it,” said Spiro. “Offered money and then changes testimony; we’ll let your readers decide.”

Meanwhile, the prosecution reportedly granted Harris immunity. Lanez’s defense is that Harris was the person who shot Megan. Gunpowder residue was reportedly found on her and Lanez.