The toxic relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock has been a concern, but that hasn’t stopped the pair from being pop culture staples. Rock emerged years ago as a contestant on the rapper’s online reality series. Soon, their working relationship became personal, and the stormy connection has often gone viral due to disturbing images. In videos, the pair have repeatedly been seen assaulting one another, only to return to social media to declare their love. The Zeus network is highlighting the tumultuous relationship on their show Crazy in Love, and fans now have a more intimate look at the pairing.

In a clip that circulated online, Rock and Blueface are again seen in the throws of a disagreement. She looks frustrated with him because, as she stated, he was acting differently while the cameras were rolling. “That’s not you,” she said in the video.

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“Playing with my d*ck in front of everybody, that’s not you,” Rock continued. Blueface looked as if he was teasing her as he smiled and joked around. She wasn’t having any of it. “What are you talking about? There’s people with cameras. It’s n*ggas sittin’ over there in the corner! And you fake playin’ with my d*ck! What are you talking about?!”

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She questioned why he was trying to get her drunk. “For what? The f*ck!?” Blueface egged her on to take a shot of liquor, but Rock was visibly upset with the situation. “You keep disrespecting me like we not making money. Like, shut up. I could see if I was a broke b*tch with bad p*ssy, bro. I’m not none of that, bruh. Keep playin’ with me.”

“F*ck the cameras. F*ck this TV show.”

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Blueface acted as if he didn’t know what she was talking about. He dismissed it and treated it as if Rock was overreacting. However, the public was unrelenting with responses as they accused the couple of having a dysfunctional and abusive relationship.

Despite all the controversies, online fights, public brawls, and domestic violence incidents, Blueface and Rock are moving forward with their relationship. Crazy in Love is said to be the latest hit series to be launched on Zeus, so love them or hate them, they’re here to stay.

Check out a few of their troubling moments below.