The shocking death of Takeoff is still felt throughout Hip Hop, but prosecutors believe they found his killer in Patrick Xavier Clark. Arrests have been made in connection to the untimely death of the Migos star, but Clark denies he’s responsible. It was in the wee morning hours of November 1 when Takeoff attended a private party at a Houston bowling alley. A verbal argument ensued and shots were fired, striking the beloved rapper in the head and back. It has been reported by investigators that Takeoff wasn’t involved in the disagreement.

Meanwhile, Clark made his first court appearance this week, where his attorney argued on his behalf. Although Clark didn’t say a word during the hearing, lawyer Letitia Quinones told the judge he was “nervous” and “concerned.” This was because “he’s being charged with something that he believes he’s innocent of, so how would anyone do in that type of circumstance?”

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In recent press conferences, police have pleaded with the public to help with acquiring information about the case. Although it was stated that upwards of 30 people were in the room when Takeoff was killed, investigators still struggle to find cooperative witnesses.

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Additionally, two other people, a man and a woman, sustained gunshot wounds during the incident, but they weren’t life-threatening. The relationship between Clark and Takeoff is unknown; however, the suspect is widely recognized as DJ Pat.

Quinones was questioned about Clark and Takeoff’s connection. “We really don’t want to go into the facts at this point,” she said. Quinones added that this was all a “tragedy and it’s happening well too often in our communities.”

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“There is a lot of investigation that needs to be done,” she stated. “So, we just ask that everyone keep an open mind and let the system do its part and let the Constitution do its part, and that is, right now, he’s innocent until he’s proven guilty.”

The attorney also denied that her client was attempting to flee to Mexico. It was reported that Clark filed for an emergency passport and was arrested with a large sum of cash.