Sizzla isn’t happy with DJ Khaled, and feels the We The Best mogul has disrespected the dancehall genre.

The Jamaican dignitary symbolized his frustration with Khaled by burning all of the plaques he’s earned for his contributions to the Miami-based DJ’s recent albums.

Sizzla seemed to take issue with the fact his name and other Jamaican artists were engraved in small fine print on the plaques as he believes their hard work is unappreciated by Khaled.

“DJ Khaled, man, ya insulted me. You insult Jamaica,” the dancehall legend said in a video posted to Instagram on Thursday (December 8). “Wrong plaque ya send me. Burn the devil, burn corruption. Wrong plaque ya send me. Can’t even see me name.”


In another clip, Sizzla dissed Khaled by saying: “You’re not the best, you’re the worst,” while watching the plaques melt away in the fire.

The 46-year-old did, however, cut out photos of Khaled’s son, Asahd, from the album covers to save them from being burned, explaining his issues lie with the “God Did” hitmaker, not his children.

“Babies are innocent,” he said. “This is my godchild right here, okay? Rastafari! Put this in my studio.”



Sizzla has been a mainstay on DJ Khaled’s last three albums. He provided the intro to 2017’s Grateful, guested on Father of Asahd‘s “Holy Mountain” and most recently appeared on “These Streets Know My Name” from this year’s God Did, which is nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Khaled has yet to respond to Sizzla’s plaque-burning stunt, but many fans in the dancehall star’s comments section appear to be siding with him.


“Yo this whole time I been suspicious of DJ Khaled I not liking his vibes,” one person wrote. “Bring back original roots not bling and vanity!”

DJ Khaled and Sizzla were on better terms when they linked up in Jamaica to record their God Did collaboration earlier this year. In a video posted on Khaled’s Instagram, the two can be seen dapping it up while soaking up the vibes in Kingston’s August Town neighorhood.