A job posting by Summer Walker lit up the internet, and the singer returned to explain her position. Finding good help can be difficult for anyone, but when you’re a celebrity, you have to keep your wits about you. We’ve heard many stories about artists being taken advantage of by people on their teams, and it looks as if Walker doesn’t want to become a victim. The Still Over It hitmaker uploaded a post to her Instagram Story with the requirements for her new assistant. Almost immediately, Walker received pushback.

“Need male assistant, 2k month,” wrote the singer. “Age 25 & older atl have to have a car have to know how to build stuff.” Then, Walker added, “Preferably white or gay just saying [shrug emoji] & doesn’t give af about who I am or my music just need you to come work :).”

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Soon, people began DMing Walker questioning her about her conditions. The singer shared a screenshot of someone saying it sounded like she doesn’t trust Black people.

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“Everyone I’ve ever hired my whole career has been black besides Ro, it’ll be okay.” Later, Walker returned to explain her position to critics who complained about her $2,000 pay.

“I really would like to know that. ‘Oh, $2K ain’t enough, $2K ain’t enough.’ How do you know if it’s not enough? I could have told somebody to come over here once a week and smell my a**hole and leave. How do you know it’s not enough? Do you know the job description? Do you know the hours?”

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“I am on maternity leave, I’m not working,” Walker added. “We have no shows, we have no club appearances, we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. I told somebody to come over here once a week to come take my f*cking trash out, sh*t like that. Put some gas in my car, sh*t I don’t feel like doing. But that is not y’all business, I don’t have to explain that to you.”

She also clarified why she requested a white and-or gay man.

“I’ve always hired Black people. Everybody that works for me is Black. If I wanna hire a white person, y’all sound like y’all discriminating, what’s the problem?”

“I want a gay man ’cause I don’t want nobody hitting on me and I wanted a white person, because honestly, you n*ggas…y’all know how n*ggas act.” Apparently, the position has been filled.

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