Kanye West Tells Jewish People To Forgive Hitler

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The unraveling of Kanye West will make for several documentaries in the coming years as his Nazi praise continues. The legendary musician’s fall from grace has been rapid in recent years, and it doesn’t look as if West is interested in recovering his reputation. His admonishing of Harriet Tubman and enslaved Black people became viral moments. Then, he was a MAGA Trump supporter, and these days, your favorite rapper has praised Hitler.

As the masses pleaded with West to cease his interview cycle, the rapper sat down with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. The chat took place on Censored.TV, an alt-right streaming platform with McInnes claiming he doesn’t want West to become a Nazi.

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However, according to The Daily Beast, McInnes also spewed his own hate. He targeted former President Barack Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, and “liberal elites of all races.”

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Stop interviewing Kanye please

Meanwhile, West claimed he welcome his recent backlash with open arms because it has helped with his bid for president in 2024. “Jewish people control the majority of the media, along with banks, along with real estate, along with malls,” said the disgraced icon. “They can control the narrative. History is written by the winners.”

West also blamed the Jewish community for tarnishing Hitler’s reputation. White supremacist Nick Fuentes once again joined West for the incendiary conversation. He added “kids love Hitler” as the pair continued to promote their campaign of bigotry.

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Meanwhile, West chimed in with bits about pornography being “the gas chamber” or “silent killer.” He reiterated that porn “destroyed” his family, and according to TDB, West noted that “women in porn as ‘products of pedophilia.” Additionally, women who choose to freeze their eggs to have children later in life or those that show off their bodies on social media are lacking the “dream” of “having a husband and kids.” People encouraging women to pose “half-naked” were also called sexual predators.

“Jewish people can’t tell me who I can love and who I can’t love,” said West. “You can’t say, you can’t force your pain on everyone else. Jewish people, forgive Hitler today.”

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After Hollywood Unlocked reposted a clip of the interview, there were hoards of people who weren’t happy with the appearance.

“This is how i feel about white people and slavery,” Guapdad 4000 commented. “The answer is NO . F*ck what ye talking about I’m NOT SYMPATHETIC FOR NO NAZI’s they hated us too .”

Check out clips of the interview above and below.


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