While performing at her Las Vegas concert, Adele recently paused the show to acknowledge her friend Lizzo’s new HBO documentary.

According to Metro, the “Rolling In The Deep” songstress first opened up about the pair’s friendship. She informed the crowd that the two met at a house party.

“I’d seen her from time to time and we’d had a few really amazing, tight one-on-one girlfriend conversations and stuff and I really think very highly of her,” she reportedly shared on stage.

Revealing her thoughts on Love, Lizzo, she stated that she usually isn’t a fan of musicians under 50 creating documentaries.

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“I haven’t got time for anyone to be doing documentaries in your 30s or 40s unless you’re Tina Turner or The Beatles you get out of town!” the Grammy-winning musician said.

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“But I absolutely loved it, it was so sincere and it was so truthful. I enjoyed it so much,” she continued. “I laughed, I cried, I loved seeing all the footage and photographs of her when she was little and she’s such an amazing person.”

Further supporting Lizzo, the 34-year-old added, “She’s so thoughtful, she sends flowers to you, she remembers things about you – she’s amazing so I’d like to give her all of my love.”

Shortly following, Lizzo took to her Twitter to thank her fellow songstress for the support. Posting Sunday evening, the 34-year-old wrote that she loved her back.

Earlier this year, the “Juice” singer shared details of their friendship with Andy Cohen.

“We’re both Tauruses and when we’re together the decimals of how loud we get with our laughter is incredible,” Lizzo stated. “We can just ki-ki with each other. We really are super similar. And we don’t really f**k with too many people, but we f**k with each other.”

“She’s so supportive and she really believes in me,” the flutist added. “She’s f**ked with me for years.”

In Love, Lizzo, the musician offers fans a glimpse into her journey as she adjusts to life as a talented entertainer and body-positive icon.

You can stream Lizzo’s new documentary now on HBO Max.