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Cordae Pays Homage To Beanie Sigel On “Feel It In The Air”

As an homage to Beanie Sigel’s classic of the same name, Cordae uses its instrumental to spit on his growth and industry struggles.

Cordae, formerly of YBN and now part of Atlantic Records, has seen a lot of success and high-profile praise these past few years. His latest project from this year, From A Bird’s Eye View, garnered much respect and acclaim for his lyrical and artistic growth. However, that hasn’t removed him from his roots or from his perceptive perspective. The Raleigh, North Carolina native just released a new track, “Feel It In The Air.” Readers likely recognize this title. It’s an homage to Beanie Sigel’s classic of the same name, using the same instrumental as well.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MAY 19: Cordae attends the Dior Men’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection on May 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images,)

Moreover, Sigel’s original is lauded as one of his best, filled with vivid lyricism and honest portrayals of his life. Likewise, Cordae opens up about lessons he’s learned on the way to fame about the industry. He displays how he’s still not used to the pitfalls of fame. It’s a pretty pointed takedown of shady practices and fake smiles, and a reflection of the struggles he endured to get here. Also, it’s worth noting that he’s released this track on his independent label, Hi Level.

As far as the instrumental on “Feel It In The Air,” it’s perfectly buttery and smooth for the song’s vibe. Moreover, faint samples pop in and out, whether it’s a passionate vocal line or a some soulful saxophone notes. Most of the emphasis lies in the beat when the “RNP” MC starts spitting. Not much distracts listeners from his bars, and we are able to take them in with clarity and full attention. No wonder that Snoop Dogg had Cordae write verses for him.

However, the 25-year-old’s pen isn’t just concerned with broad statements and analysis. He gets specific and emotional on this track, tackling suicidal thoughts and faulty negotiations in the industry as he tries to move within it. Cordae references his own musicians being rats, feeling like social media is the Matrix, and his upbringing. “It felt like yesterday, when we was eatin’ DiGiorno’s, and mama ain’t have no internet to watch porno, so I ain’t have s**t to do, but write inside my journal,” he raps.

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“Feel It In The Air” also has a music video where he goes back to his old home. We even see a tender moment of him catching up with a loved one over the phone towards the end. The song is streaming exclusively through YouTube at the moment of writing this article.

A cheeky reference to Cordae’s recent TED Talk.

You can check out Cordae’s latest track and music video below. Also, peep some standout bars from “Feel It In The Air” below.

Quotable Lyrics

I lost my first granny, same day we lost Kobe, s**t
Glad I got to meet him at the U.S. Open, s**t
We had a dope convo, though I’m never disclosin’ it
It’s certain key moments when I die that I’m goin’ with

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