After making his long-awaited return in the latter half of 2021 with Doe or Die IIAZ is making sure to keep his fans satisfied. Back in January of this year, he accordingly shared the tape’s deluxe cut. Since then, we’ve heard him on a handful of singles as well.

To kick things off, he firstly gave us “Motorola Era” in collaboration with 2 Chainz. Following that is another joint track, “Born Hustler” with Kool G Rap and 38 Spesh. His latest arrival is a solo title, “Respect Mines.” It comes in under two minutes but still packs a serious punch.

“I’m ‘preme from fort green, Jazz from outta queens / Don’t spaz or make a scene, never brag it ain’t my thing,” he tells listeners on the second verse. “Used to sling, getting cash at seventeen / Carrats in every ring, no habits, I kept it clean.”

On the outro, he takes a moment to remind the world, “y’all gonna respect mines.”

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“My last release was at the top of 2022 with the Doe Or Die 2 Deluxe. I feel really enthusiastic about releasing new music,” the lyricist wrote in a press release. “I wanted to drop a new single, ‘Respect Mines,’ before year-end, to prepare listeners for my upcoming album that will be released in early 2023.”

It remains unclear exactly when AZ’s next project will land, but there’s no denying that his fanbase is grateful to have him back and working consistently.

Stream The Firm alum’s “Respect Mines” single on Spotify or Apple Music below. Additionally, make sure to check back in with HNHH all weekend long for more new release updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

Hear the party, offset the carti
Only flooded the bezel, hopping out the ‘rari
Life foot on the pedal, smellin’ like bogarli
I’m God to these devils, be damned if I let em starve me