Chris Brown isn’t letting the American Music Awards ruin his love for Michael Jackson. As you may have heard, the father of three was due to give a tribute performance to the late legend during the recent ceremony, though it was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute.

While Breezy didn’t hide his discontent with the decision (and neither did countless other industry figures), he’s still showing his love for the “Thriller” artist in the best ways he knows how. Initially, we saw a snippet of the rehearsal footage from what would’ve been his iconic MJ routine.

Now, the Virginia native is keeping the hype going with a leak of a song he previously recorded which samples Jackson’s “The Lady In My Life.”

Titled “Transparency,” Brown apparently has had issues, specifically with getting clearance for the track. Because of this, it lives in his personal archives, though he says he’s asked about it on a regular basis.

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“I know y’all been on me ’bout dis one,” he previously wrote in the caption of an Instagram post from December 1st. In the accompanying video, the R&B star included a screen recording of two minutes of the unreleased song’s audio – just enough to get his fans straightaway begging for a release date.

“(We couldn’t clear the sample and we felt it took away from the song if that music wasn’t there),” Breezy further explained. “Everybody and they momma ask me ’bout this damn song.”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users proved Brown right by hopping online to beg for the song’s official debut. “Run him the damn clearance!!!” one person wrote.

Stream Chris Brown’s leaked snippet of his “Transparency” track below. Afterward, let us know if you’d like to see the single land on DSPs in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

I choose
911, baby, it don’t got no roof
Ooh, put you on the moon
Take you places like Tulum or Cancun
Total finesse like you in Belize
Hit it once and I take you straight out to Paris, yeah