Boosie Badazz Suggests Jay-Z Isn’t Musically Relevant

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Hip Hop surely has a lot to say about this. Boosie suggests people respect Hov’s hustle more than his music these days.

Welcome to another controversial hot take courtesy of Boosie Badazz. The Lousiana icon often uses platforms to share his unfiltered views on pop culture. Moreover, Boosie is known for dropping by VladTV, where he expounds on his thoughts. Once again, he sits down with the platform for a discussion poised to go viral, and on time, we have an interesting opinion about Jay-Z.

Boosie says when he goes to the clubs catering to 25 to 35-year-olds in Atlanta, he’s not hearing Nas or Jay-Z. “Every club that I go in, it’s not one or the other,” says the rapper. “I’m outside!”

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Boosie continued: “Jay-Z is respected by these people for being that boss that he is. When Jay-Z flash ‘cross that motherf*cker, it’s somethin’ with a billion dollars. It’s somethin’ with a $500 billion, $200 billion… It ain’t no song slashin’ ‘cross social media. It’s his hustle!”

The topic of Rap veterans and their relevance to the current Hip Hop culture has been a hot topic lately. Things kicked off after a clip of 21 Savage on Clubhouse went viral. In the audio, 21 stated Nas wasn’t relevant anymore, causing a firestorm reaction among fans. After explaining that he respects Nas, the two rappers joined forces on “One Mic, One Gun.”

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Clubs dont determine nor have anything to do with HipHop. This clown should know the difference between rap music and HipHop. Rap music gets played in clubs for women and men trying to hookup, who are trying to dance, not hear lyrical masterpieces. HipHop is battle rap, Top 5s, lyrical masterpieces, il MCs with metaphors, and etc. If people think these lame young mfs that be in the streets, clubs, and cars determine HipHop, then they’re sadly mistaken on every level. They’re not even part of the culture. Just music sheeps that turn up and see what trap songs are hot which means music. Not HipHop.

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Meanwhile, while speaking with VladTV, Boosie continued to double down that he doesn’t hear any Hov or Nasir Jones tracks being played in clubs. DJ Vlad argued that when DJ Khaled delivered “God Did” with a lengthy Jay-Z verse, “Hip Hop stopped.” Vlad added, “They all listened. Everyone had something to say about that verse. That verse was tough.”

Still, Boosie seemed unmoved. Elsewhere during the conversation, Boosie also touched on Nas’s relevancy, as well. Check out that clip below.

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