The time has come for Angela Yee to bid farewell to The Breakfast Club officially. In August, Yee shocked fans when she tweeted that the radio show as the world knows it was coming to an end. Unsurprisingly, this set off speculative reports about The Breakfast Club and its future, but the hosts returned with clarification. Yee would be moving on to new ventures while the radio show continued with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

Before we head into December, The Breakfast Club confirmed that this week marks Yee’s last. They shared a clip on their Instagram page where they made the announcement.

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Meanwhile, in a recent interview with TheJasmineBrand, Yee spoke about what she would miss most about the show.

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“We have certain people that call up all the time that I’m used to hearing,” she said. “It’s like your friends call. So, I know I’ll miss them, and hopefully, they’ll be listening to my show, as well.” Way Up with Angela Yee will reportedly air right after The Breakfast Club.

“Everybody that worked there…we had some times. So, that’s fun,” she further clarified about people she would miss. Yee also explained that she announced her departure early because production needed to find people to replace her.

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In August, Charlamagne hinted whether there would be new hosts.

“I’m not going away. Envy is not going away,” he said. “Angela Yee can’t be replaced, but we are a club. So, that club has to expand and we’re going to bring in new members. So, if people are wondering, are there going to be new members in The Breakfast Club? Yes.” It seems that there have been ongoing conversations about adding more than one person to the mix.

He added, “I don’t think it’s gonna be one person. It might be two.”