When she shared THE SINGLE LIFE EP last week, Saweetie didn’t anticipate so much drama would come from six tracks. As you may recall, some of the chaos previously ensued over her seemingly addressing her split from Quavo in such close proximity to Takeoff’s death. However, the biggest bout of beef has actually come from the release’s first-week sales projections, which came in at just 2K.

In response to this DJ Vlad (among many others) hopped on social media to give his two cents. “If Saweetie did a VladTV interview she would have easily done 10x her first week sales,” he wrote on Thursday (November 24). “We actually reached out through one of our people and were told, ‘She won’t do Vlad.’ Her loss.”

That same day, the Icy Girl surprisingly took time out of her holiday to respond to the interviewer’s tweet. “Actually, I been a big fan and have screen recorded my favourite episodes,” she clapped back with receipts. “Here’s one of them. Dates on the top. So if anyone ‘reached out,’ it wasn’t to me or my team, DJ Vlad. Happy Thanksgiving.”

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While Saweetie’s fans were happy to see her defending herself, the back-and-forth doesn’t end there. Coming in hot with some receipts of his own, Vlad wrote, “Thank you for the kind words, but actually, it is your team. Your publicist at Warner Bros is the one who blocked the interview.”

“Same publicist who set up your interview with Shirley Ju,” he then added. Below the tweet sits a screenshot from the journalist’s alleged conversation with someone on the “My Type” hitmaker’s team. “Her publicist doesn’t like Vlad. She told me she wouldn’t ever have her artists do it. I’m sorry,” the other party said.

“This is what happens when you have bad people in your corner making decisions on your behalf,” the media personality concluded.

In another post, Vlad exposed exactly who reportedly prevented the Saweetie interview from happening. “And for everyone who’s asking, the publicist I’m speaking about who blocked interview requests behind Saweetie’s back is @warnermusic Senior Vice President of Publicity, Aishah White. Her Twitter is @aishahwhite.”

Elsewhere in the news, the California-born rap diva expertly clapped back at a hater who had something to say about her THE SINGLE LIFE EP on social media. Check it out below, and finally, stream Saweetie’s latest project for yourself here.