Saweetie is the talk of the town, once again. This time, it surrounds her first-week numbers. While the projections for the Bay Area rapper’s new EP, The Single Life, sits around 2,000, many questioned how she couldn’t do higher numbers. Twitter users began questioning her team and the strength of her music career.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 12: Saweetie attends Teen Vogue Summit 2022 at Goya Studios on November 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Teen Vogue)

As a result of the low projections, DJ Vlad expressed that he felt Saweetie’s numbers would’ve been infinitely better if she sat down for an interview with VladTV.

“If Saweetie did a VladTV interview she would have easily done 10x her first week sales, which was 2000 copies. We actually reached out through one of our people and were told ‘she won’t do Vlad,’” he wrote

Saweetie later denied that anyone from her team reached out and then, said that she’s a fan of the platform. Unfortunately, this led to a long-winded tweet storm where DJ Vlad took aim at Warner Bros., specifically Senior VP of publicity Aisha White.

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Though things have died down since, Vlad offered an apology to Saweetie for any issues he may have caused.

“Oh and @Saweeetie I apologize for my comment about your mixtape sales. The way you responded to me showed class & professional. I’m honored that you are a fan of VladTV. Being from the Bay Area, I love when Bay artists win and consistently go out of my way to interview them.”

Saweetie accepted the apology, writing, “Keep up the great work!”

The feud ultimately created tension between Vlad and journalist Shirley Ju. Vlad said she would no longer contribute to the platform moving forward. Ju, who tried to land the Saweetie interview for Vlad, relayed the message to Vlad about the Saweetie interview.

“Shirley Ju will no longer be doing interviews on VladTV,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I apologize to all the VladTV viewers for the interviews she’s ruined over the past year.”

However, Ju fired back on Twitter where she said he threatened her.

“You’re a grown ass man threatening me on thanksgiving,” she wrote. “Everybody told me not to work w/ you… they were right.”

Ju also shared text messages between herself and Vlad since the Thanksgiving blowout. Check it out below.