West Coast supergroup Mount Westmore is back with another single ahead of their Snoop Cube 40 $hort album next month. On their latest release, the legendary lyricists are chiefly putting their listeners on to some “Free Game.”

The single made its debut on Friday (November 25) with a Cam Busby-directed music video. The clip finds the four artists surely having the time of their life after pulling off a successful heist.

“Eager to learn, I paid attention to the protocol / Observed and I watched and sad back, just like a fly upon the wall,” E-40 confidently opens the track.

On his verse, Snoop follows with, “From the streets to the suits, from the trunk to the block / LLC, and we signed on the dot.

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As for $hort, his verse is all about staying away from “sucker shit” and getting ahead by making serious bread.

Finally, we hear from Ice Cube. “All you gotta pay is attention, listen / Keep the information flippin’, that’s the mission / Make sure it trickle down, to the children / Make sure they know how, to make a killin’,” he encourages fans.

“Free Game” follows the arrival of tracks like “Big Subwoofer,” “Bad MFs,” and most recently, “Too Big.” The next time we’ll hear from the supergroup will likely be on December 9th, when their highly anticipated album makes its premiere.

At this time it remains unclear how many songs are on the upcoming project, or if we’ll be hearing any guest features. One thing’s for sure though, the hip-hop community couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Stream Mount Westmore’s “Free Game” on Spotify or Apple Music below. Afterward, let us know what your thoughts on the new single are in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Telemarketed, telecommunications
Tell a n*gga Snoop Dogg back with favourite nations
Gettin’ money out your favourite television station
Relevance, selling shit, I’m up in the Matrix