Chlöe Bailey continues to prove her ability as a solo artist as she drops her latest single “For The Night.” The Atlanta songbird first teased the track earlier this week with snippets of the song along with the opening moments of the music video.

While Chlöe started her music career alongside her sister Halle Bailey, she’s more than proven her capability to make hit singles and albums on her own. That said, she’s not alone on “For The Night”; produced by London On The Track and featuring “Big Energy” hitmaker Latto, Chlöe continues to give her fans the catchy tunes they’re looking for. While the song brings plenty of snappy verses to the table, there’s a deeper meaning to the singer’s lyrics that deserves unpacking—especially after she admitted the song was about Gunna.

The melody shows a defeated 24-year-old artist singing about her hardships trying to find meaningful connections in a world of transient relationships. She expresses her desire for a deeper bond with the people she cares about, but is forced to make do with single-serving experiences, hence the name, “For The Night.” This is further implied through the music video, which features a cameo appearance from Druski.

What do you think of the new Chloe/Latto collaboration? Is it an instant hit? Let us know in the comments down below.

Quotable Lyrics
When your life a wreck
Walked in stressed, left with hickies on your neck
Pull up, get that spin on the mic like Funk Flex