Eric Bellinger is a talented artist hailing from Los Angeles, California. Aside from creating a name for himself in the industry, he has also aided other artists in their music careers. Working with greats like Chris BrownUsher, and Trey Songz has proven that Bellinger has a knack for this field of work.

Yesterday (October 21), the 36-year-old dropped his latest single, “Obsession.” The three-minute song was right up his alley; the “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo sample featured a slow tempo, giving off an old-school R&B type of feel.

Bellinger used his soothing voice, paired with his alluring lyrics, to give the track more vividness. “Let me take my time/Kissing on your spine/Teasing below/How does it feel,” he sang.

The record, produced by Hitmaka, comes from their upcoming joint project 1-800-HIT-EAZY Line 2. In an attempt to promote their future endeavor, Bellinger has coined the phrase “R&B IS VERY ALIVE” in response to the skeptics who claim it is dead.

Stream the record on the platforms below.

Quotable Lyrics
You ain’t nothing like I thought you was
You my left and right, you my all above
You got character
Nothing compares to ya