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Freddie Gibbs Kills New Freestyle On “L.A. Leakers”

The Big Boss Rabbit floats over a Jay-Z beat and proves his unmatched skill.

The Big Boss Rabbit has been basking in the praise and buzz surrounding his latest album, $oul $old $eparately. He’s made a few radio appearances as part of his victory, and his latest freestyle on L.A. Leakers may be one of his best as of late. Apart from the excellent flows, chest-puffed delivery, and cheeky one-liners that we’ve come to expect from Gibbs, he even drops in some jabs at DJ Akademiks for his recent “I’m the prize!” outburst when breaking up a fight between his girl and another woman.

“I’m the prize, n***a. Akademiks, I’m the prize” says Gibbs as the beat from Jay-Z’s “This Can’t Be Life” starts to play. “Akademiks, you abusive, stop taking them purses and all that s**t from them girls, man. It’s L.A. Leakers, man, come to the West Coast, man, we’ll buy you a purse if you want a purse, b***h, I got you.”

Brad Barket/Getty Images

After unleashing 40 bars of top-tier spitting, Freddie kept the hilarity up with some more jabs at Akademiks. He’s recently talked about not taking rap beefs seriously, a piece of context which made it all the more entertaining when Freddie told Ak to go “put something in [his] booty.” Hosts DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible were having a blast, and the Indiana rapper said, “I’m drunk as hell, and I don’t give a f**k.”

“I do the best when I come up here,” the self-proclaimed “King of R&B” continued. “I’m the reason n***as wanna come up here.” The Leakers encouraged Gibbs to “talk [his] s**t” and thanked him for pulling through. “I’m the reason n***as wanna rap… I can spare a couple little bars up here for y’all n***as at all times. I gotta teach the world how to rap.”

He even said that, while his son is still young, he’s going to learn how to rap as well as him one day, and the Leakers even encouraged him to bring him on the show. Before the beat closed out, Freddie had one last comment to ruffle some feathers: “F**k Aaron Rodgers.”

Check out the excellent freestyle from Freddie Gibbs below, as well as some quotable lyrics.

Quotable Lyrics

N***as might just call you the realest if you a dead rapper,
Tweet about your ass for a week, it’s onto the next rapper,
Next chapter, I wrote the book on n***alations,
I see these n***as frustrations, top five of my generation
So they try to crucify me, they can’t kill me, they can’t slump me,
Bald-head Jesus, I’m Big Rabbit, I come back like Easter Sunday

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