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YG Coasts Over Nipsey Hussle’s “Hussle In The House” On L.A. Leakers: Watch

As he continues to promote his recently released I Got Issues albumYG has been hot on the press circuit, making his most recent stop at Power 106 Los Angeles to share another L.A. Leakers Freestyle.

For this round of rhymes, the West Coast star found himself spitting over the late Nipsey Hussle’s “Hussle in the House,” spitting bars about everything from the price of fame to the rumours about him writing a diss track about PnB Rock, who was shot and killed just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles.

“I gotta say this, and ‘How to Rob a Rapper’ is not a diss,” the 32-year-old clarified to anyone thinking otherwise. “It’s just a message to these rappers: please be on yo shit.”

After he finished freestyling, YG further elaborated on the gossip, telling Justin Credible, “‘How to Rob a Rapper’ is one of my favourite records because I got back to my storytelling bag.”

“I’m not glorifying what’s going on in the city, but bro, I’m from L.A. I got dead homies, friends behind this city. So I’ma talk about how it is. I ain’t sugar-coating nothing.”

Check out YG’s L.A. Leakers Freestyle above.

Quotable Lyrics:

I rep the West so hard, they don’t feel me in the South

They f*ck with me but they just can’t get with the bounce

Ice-T said L.A. n****s don’t wear chains

But why the f*ck I got bust downs and plain janes?


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