Chxrry22, the newest addition to The Weeknd’s self-made XO Records, just dropped her first EP The Other Side. With seven tracks and just over 20 minutes in runtime, this stands as the artist’s biggest release thus far, and it’s even earned her some love from her label head.

Despite his recent setback in Los AngelesThe Weeknd was quick to show support for his fellow XO member by further announcing the debut of her EP via Instagram.

In a press release, per Complex, Chxrry discussed the tonality of her EP, explaining, “The Other Side is about coming to terms with duality – we all have two sides.“We can be both the villain and the victim in some story and this is me owning that,” she continued.

The rising star’s new EP fits right into the label’s usual style, taking reference notes from other artists such as The Weeknd and Nav. With mellow beats along with prominent percussion and gloomy sounds, The Other Side is a fitting addition to the body of work under the XO label.

Directly before its release, Cherry shared her excitement about her new project. “I just can’t believe my first ever body of work comes out at midnight,” she gushed.

“I don’t write about anything i haven’t done or been through so when you hear these songs just know it’s coming from my heart. Right or wrong imma stand on my sh*t!! Thank you to all the beautiful people who were involved in this process first of many!! I love you guys thank you thank you thank you.”

Check out The Other Side below.