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Rick Ross Is Building A Museum To Flex His Huge Car Collection

Rick Ross has announced that he’s opening a museum to flex the huge car collection he’s acquired over the years.

In a video posted to his Instagram Story, the Richer Than I Ever Been rapper showed fans that construction is well underway and that more details would be emerging soon.

“Rick Ross car collection is expanded baby,” the MMG mogul said. “We had to go bigger. We need more shit. We got more cars. We got 200 and we plan to get another 100 this year baby, so this one of the first of 3 we building. I’ll let you know the name of the auto museum, let’s go.”


A museum curator is just the latest business venture Rozay has added to his portfolio this year. At the end of September, the Wing Stop franchiser recently announced he was joining up with Hempacco to launch Hemp Hop Smokables, a line dealing in hemp cigarettes, smoking paper, and alternatives to nicotine tobacco.

“I truly believe in the health benefits of hemp-derived products,” Ross said in a statement. “Having had my own health scares, and through my healing process, I decided I would develop a line of smokables to help others with the benefits of hemp cannabinoids.”

Rozay also showcased a few of the products in a launch video on Instagram.

“This Hemp Hop right here,” Ross says in the clip. “This the combination of the game right here. Something some of the finest, healthiest rollups. It’s about doing something that last forever, ’cause we gon’ live forever. It’s history.”

However, not all of 2022 has been lucrative for Ross. In August, five of his Wingstop locations were hit with multiple violations from The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. Rozay was slapped with a $100,000 bill resulting from these issues, which included safety training and background check issues, as well as register shortages and more.

Rozay responded to the fine in an Instagram video. “I want to take time to address something,” he said. “When you running a business, there will be mistakes, but as the Biggest Bawse, you don’t make the same mistakes twice, you see?”

He added: “Taking accountability is big when you the biggest, and remember this, most successful people don’t take stumbling as a setback but actually a stepping stone to greater things, you heard me? Let’s be great.”

On the music front, Rick Ross recently linked up with Freddie Gibbs for “Lobster Omelete” from his new album $oul $old $eperately, which dropped on Friday (September 30).

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