Juelz Santana Combats Claims That Lil Wayne Copied His Style

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Lil Wayne stands as one of the greatest to ever do it but that journey hasn’t gone without its fair share of criticism surrounding his style. More specifically, there are people who claim that Weezy bit Juelz Santana’s style.

NEW ORLEANS – FEBRUARY 17: Juelz Santana (L) and Lil Wayne attend the 2008 NBA All-Star finale party at the Creole Queen on February 17, 2008 in New Orleans, LA. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

While it’s hard to deny Dipset’s influence on Lil Wayne, Juelz shut down any claims that Wayne was copying him at any point. Instead, he believes Weezy is a student of the game, like many other rappers that came up during that time.

Juelz addressed these claims about his I Can’t Feel My Face collaborator in a recent appearance on Twitter Spaces with Rob Markman. The Dipset rapper explained that he never felt Wayne blatantly took his style, but he said that Wayne took notes of his competitors and those that came before him to form his unique style.

“You know, especially these blogs and shit, they try to separate or try to throw salt in the game. They love to hit me with the ‘Oh, Wayne took all this from you,’” he said. “I be like, man, Wayne is a student of the game just like we’ve all been students of the game. So Wayne did exactly what he was supposed to do. Wayne studied every artist.”

Juelz elaborated that Wayne took from each of these artists and “incorporated into his style and what he needed to do and became the best artist that he needed to be.”

With all of these different influences seeping into Wayne’s craft, Juelz said it turned Weezy into “the best rapper in the world.”

“We all took shit from each other,” Juelz continued. “That’s my brother at the end of the day.”

Check out the clip below. How do you feel about Juelz’s comments? Sound off in the comments.

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