Cardi B & JT Slam Each Other’s Talent On Twitter 

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It’s been a tumultuous year for the female rappers. While most of the ladies of the genre have seen much success this year with chart topping hits and outstanding streaming number, somehow, beef still managed to ensue. Less than a week after Cardi B and Akbar traded insults on social media, the Bronx emcee found herself in yet another Twitter debacle with another fellow female rapper.

On Monday (October 3),  Cardi and J.T. of the City Girls targeted each other with a slew of subliminal diss tweets before taking shots at each other directly. The social media spat seemingly started after a fan accused JT sucking up to her “Super Freaky Girl” remix collaboratorNicki Minaj, suggesting that the City Girl rapper should take notes from rap newbie GloRilla, who recently snagged the number one spot on the charts “without d*ck riding.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 27: JT of City Girls attends the BET Awards 2021 at Microsoft Theater on June 27, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

“Im not like that at alllll,” JT replied. “I been doing remixes & never got credited ON A CHART BUT they get sung word for word and help push the original songs as intended unlike y’all.” The Miami bred emcee added, “Well I can’t even say y’all cause you don’t rap,you TWEET! Congratulations Glo&stream FNF remix AND QUEENMIX”

Fans quickly speculated that the tweet was a dig at Cardi B, whose known for connecting with fans via Twitter. Shortly after, the “Hot S***” rapper tweeted, “Lapdog” and “Go Fetch.” Done with the subliminals, J.T. directly responded to the subtweet, writing, “I hope you don’t think you no BULLY! Cardi you go fetch a real talent! We DM’ing why you come back here to put on a show for these KIDS?”

Following the direct tweet, Cardi went on to address JT’s claim about her being talentless, with “So wait, me and you talking in the DM woman to woman, but YOU take it to your timeline and throw shots calling me a bully and a wiener… Why you playing dumb? And YOU talking about a talent?! haaaaa! You forgot P tried to put me on wit your writer?”

While the back and forth of insults continued, things seemingly cooled down after JT gave GloRilla her flowers for having the number one record. “Today was supposed to be about GLORILLA! instead you called me a lap dog. Nah b***, I’m a big dog.”

While both ladies have had features on two of GloRilla’s biggest remix records, the Memphis rapper has yet to speak out on the Twitter spat. Share your thoughts below.

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